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Hello! Welcome to the complete guide to Five Nights at Freddy's! We have it basic and simple for you, so if you just found the game, this is the website for you! There are plenty of things to search and find, but as of now the website is getting set for launch off! See you in a while!

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  • edit Freddy Fazbear
    edited by MadKat213 diff
    Summary: Its an edit okay?
  • new page Freddy Fazbear
    created by MadKat213
    New page: Freddy Fazbear is the leader and lead singer of the Fazbear gang. He is also one of the most inactive characters in FN@F one. He does, however, have...
    Summary: Working on my Fazbear thing
  • edit Five Nights At Freddy's Wikia
    edited by MadKat213 diff
    Summary: Describe your topic:
  • new page Animatronics
    created by MadKat213
    New page: "Hey uh, there's nothing to worry about! Now, the animatronics may move around at night...." - Phone Guy, FNaF1 AnimatronicsEdit What are...
    Summary: Made a page for the animatronics
  • new page Five Nights At Freddy's One Beginning Plot
    created by MadKat213
    New page: Five Nights At Freddy's One is a game built and made by Scott Cawthon alone. He found incouragement from an insult on one of his other games. "The...
    Summary: New page
  • discussion page Welcome!
    comment by Brandon Rhea
    Brandon Rhea

    Brandon Rhea

    Hello, We're excited to have Five Nights At Freddy's Wikia as part of the Wikia community! There's still a lot to do; here ... 

  • edit Main Page
    edited by MadKat213 diff

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